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Paus Cranes USA serves the USA market including Canada and the Caribbean. The USA headquarters is located in Garner, North Carolina. Sales and service are offered by Lifting Equipment Solutions LLC. Principle owner is Tony Hutten. Parts can be ordered for all of its cranes and lifts. Several models are available.

Manufacturing is located in Emsbüren, Germany and, has earned an outstanding reputation in international mechanical engineering. Since its founding in 1968 by Hermann Paus, the product range has been steadily expanded.


Stand Tall - Find Your New Lifting Capabilities

Under this motto, the Hermann Paus Maschinenfabrik produces inclined elevators, as well as aerial work platforms. With a wide range of offers, Paus lifts and work lifts solve transport problems from 16 to max. 158 ft height with payloads of up to 882 lbs.

Another highlight: the PAUS aluminum trailer cranes set standards in the field of lifting technology.

Industrial Lifts and Cranes

Construction | Roofing | Furniture Lifting | Material Lifting

Optimal for use in confined spaces, the new trailer crane PTK 27 carries a payload of 2,205 lbs and a max extension length of 89 ft the crane is extremely flexible.


The Paus Sky Worker PTK 31 carries a maximum payload of up to 3,527 lbs. Extension arm length of 102 ft is specially designed for roofers and carpenters. 

Paus roofer lift

Moving made easy with our newest furniture and roofing elevator lift technology. The aluminum inclined elevators carry a maximum payload of up to 882 lbs.

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