PTK-31 Sky Worker

PTK-31 Sky Worker
Aluminum Trailer Crane 

Capable of lifting up to 3,500 lbs. Double line

2700 Single Line 93 ft Hook Height  30ft

Great Flexibility due to separately movable and telescopic supports.

Radio remote controlled wheel drive; lower-able drive axle avoids scraping effect.


•   Fully hydraulic with a head jib
•   Closed aluminum profiles for even more stability
•   Easy maintenance.
•   Extremely easy handling via Radio Remote Control
•   Payloads up to 3500 pounds
•   Excellent driving and maneuvering qualities
•   Precise working even at a height of up to eight stories.

Due to the hydraulic head jib, it is possible to even work under extremely difficult circumstances

The hydraulic toggle-knee joint allows variation of the articulation angle from 0° to 172°.

Easy handling of the Radio Remote Control with integrated visual loading indicator.

Easy maintenance.